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Crypt TV Releases ‘The Prey’

This week heralded some very exciting developments for our horror/comedy short The Prey. On Saturday we announced that Crypt TV, a horror channel founded by cult horror director Eli Roth (Hostel, The Last Exorcism) and backed by Jason Blum of Blumhouse (Insidious, Whiplash), had acquired the film. Crypt approached us a month back to say that they had “fallen in love” with The Prey after Screamfest LA, where the film screened last year, had sent it to them. They asked if we would consider allowing them to buy the rights to distribute the film via their online channel that boasts over one million followers. After some negotiations we came to an agreement and yesterday afternoon Crypt released the film online!


The response to The Prey so far has been unbelievable, with nearly 60k views and over 700 shares in just 24 hours! We’ve also received lots of great feedback and support for the film, which has been really wonderful. Eli Roth himself even shared it and said it was “a fantastic short” and praised the film’s director James Webber and our amazing lead actress Rebecca Van Cleave. We’re thrilled to have one of our films available to such a big audience and we hope that it open up many more opportunities for Springhead and for all our cast and crew.


Now that The Prey has been unleashed on the world, and its secrets revealed, we’ll be releasing some more behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot that we’ve had to keep under wraps until now. So watch this space! If you want to see more about how the film was made, you can watch the making of video from the shoot here.


So here it is, in all its gory glory, The Prey. Hope you enjoy it and, if you do, please give it a like and share it as much as you can across social media!


Remember be careful whom you catcall….

The PreyCareful who you catcall…
Posted by Crypt TV on Tuesday, 5 April 2016