The Prey

Horror, Short Film

Cornwall Horror Fest 2015 Screamfest-laurels Mile-High-Horror LIFF

Production: The Prey
Writer/Director: James Webber
Producers: April Kelley & Sara Huxley
Co-Producer: Poppaea Bicknell
Director of Photography: Lorenzo Levrini
Starring: Rebecca Van Cleave, Sam Gittins & James Alexandrou
Production Company: The Springhead Film Company
In Association with: Mini Productions


After an argument with her boyfriend, whilst driving back from a party, Mel ends up on the wrong side of town on a dark Halloween night. Determined to walk home alone she draws the attention of a shifty looking young man. As he begins to follow her the night takes a turn for the worse. Starring Rebecca Van Cleave (Game of Thrones, The Royals), Sam Gittins (Howl, Ripper Street) and James Alexandrou (Eastenders) The Prey is an urban horror with added bite!


Made in association with Mini Productions, The Prey is currently on the festival circuit around the world and has also been acquired by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV and was released online in April 2016.



See what went into the making of The Prey in this behind-the-scenes video, shot and edited by Joseph Madden.



Winner: Best Film / Best Actor (James Alexandrou) / Audience Vote – Cornwall Horror Fest 2015
Winner: Best Film – London Rolling Film Festival 5th Edition
Nominated: Best Director / Best Actress (Rebecca Van Cleave) – Cornwall Horror Fest 2015



Screamfest LA Horror Film Festival 2015
Mile High Horror Film Festival 2015
London Independent Film Festival 2016
Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2015
British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin 2016
La Mano: Fantasy & Horror Film Festival 2015
Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest 2015
Scare LA 2016
Spooky Empire 2016
Tri-Cities International Film Festival 2015
Toledo International Film Festival 2015
Knoxville Horror Film Festival 2015
Montenegro International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
Malta Horror Film Festival
Exit 6 Film Festival 2016
Cornwall Horror Fest 2015
London Rolling Film Festival 5th Edition